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16 -December -2019 - 01:54
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I have been building a yurt PDF Print
Written by jake   
Thursday, 25 June 2015 21:41

Meet Gerty......

This has been one of my most recent projects, building my own Yurt! When she is completely done, I will be furnishing her with my artworks and I will be using her among other things hopefully, as a studio where I can photograph my work.  Like I said she is not completely finished yet but very nearly there.  I hope that when I get the proper roof on, it will offer a lovely airy, clean and light space, where I can get good images of my latest creations in natural light.  The roof is going to be light in colour and have clear sections in it to allow for light to flood in, well thats the idea anyway, so lets hope that it all works out.  I will post up some more info and images when I get a chance but here is a taster for anyone who is interested in living in the round.


Home built Yurt

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Cheryl's Mirror Commission PDF Print
Written by jake   
Monday, 04 August 2014 10:23

This is a picture of the latest commission piece that I have recently created for a private customer.

A lovely lady called Cheryl wanted one of my pointy metal wall clocks in a custom colour, to suit her newly decorated front room.  The original request was for the clock to match the colour of her cushions.  I sourced a lovely Pinky, Purple (Magenta) colour, that Cheryl was really pleased with.  Then Cheryl had an idea that she would like to commission me to make a mirror to fill the space above her new fireplace in the same colour as the clock.   She gave me some ideas of what she was looking for in the design and mentioned several of my pieces of work that she liked and said she would like a variation of these designs, I then set to work.

We were unsure at first if we were going to use a real glass mirror for the commission as we didn't really like the idea of sending the glass through the post, we could see this being a recipe for a disaster, the end result of which being a very unhappy customer.  I discussed my concerns with Cheryl and she understood the situation, so I was going to make the frame work only, and the mirror would be sourced from Cheryl's end to prevent any mishaps in the post.  However, after a little research we were able to source what is known in the trade as an unbreakable mirror.  This was the ideal solution to our problem and meant that I was able to complete the whole thing my end.  When Cheryl received her completed commission she was over the moon with her matching mirror and clock.  Many thanks to you Cheryl for commissioning me to make this piece for you.


Picture Of Metal Mirror Commission


Last Updated on Monday, 04 August 2014 11:16
Latest commission for external use PDF Print
Written by jake   
Sunday, 03 August 2014 21:05

A London based development company has recently commission one of my designs as a back drop for a clients garden.

Third Level was modified using a high grade stainless steel that is suitable for external use and enlarged considerably to fill the desired space.

A really unique garden space has been created by using a superb Jake Howard design in this way. A great achievement by

Zen Developments

and myself :-)


Outside commission for Zen Developments



Last Updated on Sunday, 03 August 2014 21:55
Jake Howards work on display at West Down Sculpture Gardens PDF Print
Written by jake   
Sunday, 01 June 2014 19:46

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