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27 -January -2020 - 15:17
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Sun Lover Jake howard Original


Exhibition of work at West Down House.


Very happy to announce today that Jake Howard's fantastic metal artwork is going to be displayed at West Down Sculpture Gardens in Bradworthy. There will be an indoor selection of his work which is currently being installed, as I type, and a collection of his external work is soon to follow. There will also be a solo exhibition of Jake's work in the Queens Theatre in Barnstaple which will run from 29th September to the 8th November 2014.

A little more about West Down House........

Dawn and Richard are both very passionate and professional about what they do and are very keen to promote local artists and artistic events in and around the local area. Dawn is an integral member of the newly formed Bradworthy Arts Festival and also runs her very popular drawing classes from home studio, Richard is a keen photographer and takes wonderful images of the Artists work that they have on display within the sculpture gardens at West Down House. Its a pleasure to be asked to work along side them.

More information can be found by visiting these links if your interested .....


The Winner At Stone Henge


I recently purchased something from ebay and I tapped the collection post code and address into Google Maps satellite view and discovered that the item needed to be collected from Salisbury in Wiltshire. As I scrolled across the map to survey the local area I took in the Ariel view of Stone Henge. As I scrolled a little more to the right from the Henge imagine my surprise when I saw one of my sculptures looking back at me, not unlike a Nazca Lines of Peru! if you study the image you can see a small circular grove of trees, imagine this to be the head and to the left and right of the grove you will find tram lines in the fields not unlike stretched out and upwards facing arms. These lines then join in the centre (just to the left of the square patch of trees) to the two brown lines that appear like stubble scorched in the field and look like splayed out (as if running ) legs. Just to the right of where you could imagine the right knee to be, there is almost a miniature version in shadow. This design is almost identical to the first pencil drawings that I did for the winner (a 3d metal sculpture of mine.)

.The Winner at Stone Henge


Artslant Golden Frame Showcase

Award Winner 2010

On the 17th May 2010 one of my pieces became a Showcase Winner for the Golden Frame Awards.  The piece selected was 'Touched by Midas' and was awarded by Artslant.

Forth Coming Events

West Buckland School North Devon 1st October - 15th October


Elemental an exhibition that looks at the base elements of Fire and Water and explores the colour spectrum created when the two Elements combine.


North Devon Hospice Charity Art Auction


I have donated the piece called Balck Hole UV to this worthy cause if you are in the North Devon Area why not attend the event and support the local Hospice.

Current permanent exhibitions of my


work can be seen at...


Elliot Gallery in Braunton North Devon

Previous solo Exhibitions have been held



The Landmark Theatre                                   Title Strange Machines

Boston Tea Party Barnstaple                           Title             Strange Machines

Trelawny Centre Ashford Devon                    Title             A New Wave

Fushia Gallery Lee Bay                                                       A collection of work

The Galleon Gallery Combe Martin                                     A Collection of Work

Landmark Ilfracombe North Devon                 Title            Alchemy

Queens Theatre North Devon                           Title            Time Well Spent

I have also entered work into NDA exhibtions at Broomhill Sculpture Gardens when I was a member of the NDA (North Devon Arts)