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02 -April -2020 - 10:14
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Contemporary Metal Wall Art

Quality, Affordable, Contemporary Art, Wall Mounted & Floor Standing Sculpture...

Buy, Metal Wall Art, direct from the artist.  Jake Howard's work has been featured on prime time TV and sells internationally,  He has many private collectors already investing in his work.

Welcome to ArtsApart, I want your experience while you are with me to be an enjoyable one. I hope to have provided you with all the information that you require to enable you to purchase an artwork with confidence.  To browse through my work please use the navigation menu in the top left of this page.

I am aware that sometimes buying items of value online can be a daunting experience, so to help with this you can see what other customers have had to say about my metal wall sculptures, and the service I provide by looking at my read me page.

If there is anything further that I can do to assist you with your experience with ArtsApart, then please feel free to contact me, anytime, and I will reply to your query as soon as I can.

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